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Re: Obama is the Antichrist


Oh Daily Show, never change.

Barack Obama is the initially idealistic, utterly charismatic, endearingly seductive Antichrist Superstar with a darker self full of rage and power that he struggles to come to terms with, and tries desperately to twist into something that will do some good for the world. Rahm is his sexy, foul-mouthed, bad-boy hunting 'partner' who battles with partisan moral lines of black and white, good and evil, agrees-with-him/doesn't-agree-with-him, who would, and has, sacrificed everything for Barack. Together they fight Republicans! Hellspawn!

Meanwhile Anderson Cooper is the hypnotizing angel sent by God to grip Rahm tight and raise him from hell, and finds his serene indifference slowly but surely being overcome by the utterly overwhelming humanity of Rahm. Jon is the wise-cracking, all-knowing hunter who occasionally helps out Rahm and Barack, but spends more time making sarcastic comments about their ineptitude despite his underlying adoration of them. Stephen is the sassy (not-sure-if-he-is-black-as-he-does-not-see-race-thankyou-very-much) psychic who can smack some nonsense into anyone and anything, and carries on a long distance courtship-through-prank-war with Jon.

Sarah Palin is the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

Oh God. Somebody stop me.

And now, because there is a magnificent one brewing over the ocean, a mix of songs that I, for whatever reason, associate with thunderstorms:


Thunderstorms are a strange experience of L’eau de Rose romance and violent electric-shock treatment; an unfriendly coexistence of rival airs and lightening graces. In demanding rain, we come to a strange impasse of the entitled ‘Whatever Lola Wants’ mindset of humanity, and the cruel reckoning of the swirling Dust of bones ground down, of history and cruel nature.
We clay models, we who walk the muddy earth to Spanish rhythms and dance the Bolero, we may take pleasure or pain from such a meteorological confluence of events, each to each, according to our individual natures, and yet some may remain Numb.
The crashing lights strike us down, and sometimes a Medevac is urgently required, but more often death comes sooner to the lightening-struck. In our Heart of our Chambers, we sit still, and in stricken silence, waiting for the Glittering Cloud of the stormy all-seeing eye to pass judgement on our electrified souls.
Do you believe in karma? Who needs a Black Cat when the heavens are angered far past superstition and into multi-layered Phenomena that could destroy us all? It is a perversion, to feel deviant without doing a thing at all, just for loving the thunder. We decry the sacred, Pot Kettle Black, we live, you die, vengeful God.
We conquer this force of yours, we survive far past the time When the Levee Breaks, and blood sweeps the skies, casting Red Rain down our cheeks in glorious surrender.
We might sleep, finally, but Ghouls creep through our haunted sleep as the storm thunders onward. When we wake to find ourselves living in a Broken Down Palace, with cracked marble and a torn silk bed for comfort, and only The Raven for company, look to the skies and be thankful for Air and Simple Gifts.

01. L'eau de Rose (Air ft. Louis Armstrong) - DJ Earworm

02. Whatever Lola Wants - Sarah Vaughn

03. Dust - Van Hunt

04. Bolero - Pink Martini

05. Numb - Portishead

06. Medevac - Siobhan Donaghy

07. Heart of Chambers - Beach House

08. Glittering Cloud - Imogen Heap

09. Black Cat - Ladytron

10. Phenomena - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

11. Pot Kettle Black - Tilly and the Wall

12. When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

13. Red Rain - Peter Gabriel

14. Ghouls - We Are Scientists

15. Broken Down Palace - Sarah Mclachlan

16. The Raven - Alan Parsons Project

17. Air and Simple Gifts - John Williams

Enjoy, and please comment if using. ♥

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