Something like a crossroads song
22 December 2008 @ 07:27 pm
Buccaneering a careening melee of a summer  
This icon right here? This is me. I have, in this day, consumed three long macchiatos, one short mac and a shot of espresso. This is a good day. In hell.

But actually, I am in a fine (if slightly hyper) mood, having spent at least the last two hours going through all the brilliant mail from all you folks and fools in my inbox and loving every minute. Island paradise was insanely heavenly, and I am now super-tanned and ready to rock.

I just started working on my Pepper Potts/Rachel Maddow/Amy (Rahm Emauel's second-best aide) OT3 fic for [ profile] everysecondtues. Started out as a drabble, but has positively epic potential.

On that note, [ profile] rahmbamarama people! Catch me up in your tidal wave once more! What has occurred? What devilish conceptions have you concocted? Do motherfucking tell, thanks, bye.

Here, have an eyeful of Carla Bruni and her Sarkozy.

theme song: Seven Nation Army - Audioslave (cover)