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2010-09-29 02:16 pm

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In my personal canon, Pierce Brosnan's Thomas Crown is Arthur's absentee, gentleman-thief father.

I have a terrible impulse to write this fic.

ETA: Now with bonus pictorial evidence.

{Text reads: "My father was never exactly what you would call ... a conventional man."}

So tell me, flist, what are your personal backstories or canon for the Inception kids?
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2010-08-31 11:10 pm

You've been acting awful tough lately//Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately

Firstly, everyone should go and read this fic immediately. It's just the most perfect meta-satire of Inception fanon.


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2010-08-15 01:46 pm

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I'm having one of those days where I hate everything and everyone, and anyone who talks to me is either getting infected by this monster mutation of a cold I've contracted, or getting bitchslapped. It doesn't help that it's Open Day at my university - where I live on campus in college - so to get anywhere I have to walk through hordes of grating, unspeakably eager kids who appear - to my fevered brain - to be nothing more than bags of flesh full of dreams swilled from advertisements and coke, and projected personas built on nothing but air, pretension, and the bitter illusion of emancipation. Also, crackwhores.

So what I've learned from this is that it takes me becoming hallucinogenically ill and having to walk through a crowd of sloppily dressed tourists (I mean really people, you're about to go to university, home of the hopelessly indie and the never-say-die-punk. There is no excuse for dirty highschool tracksuits) for me to lose control of my tightly buried font of misanthropic rage.

This has been a PSA coming straight at you from the black oilslick soul of a girl who hasn't eaten solid foods in five days.

In other news, I may become a pornstar.

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