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Something like a crossroads song ([personal profile] charlieblue) wrote on May 4th, 2009 at 06:43 am
Heroes and Pundits
So my [ profile] lgbtfest fic is up, written for the prompt:

RPF - Pundits, Stephen Colbert, When Stephen comes out to Jon in an unscripted toss, nobody's quite sure whether it was an in-character joke or not. Including Stephen.

- Life, and Other Things.

Ok, how fucking creepy would it be to find out that you are not you, that the life you've been living, the people you love, the body itself that you are walking around in, all these things are not yours? That you in fact, died months ago, only nobody told you, and they instead performed a secret mind-meld experiment and made you into this monstrous hybrid? Just the sheer psychological implications of that are kind of brain-breakingly awesome. I hope Fuller stretches some muscle here.

When Nathan figures this out, figures out that his very skin is not his, is not containing the thing he believes to be himself, but rather a man who he considers a monster, that he is, essentially, Sylar, because I have no doubt that he would see it that way, at least at first, some serious shit is gonna go down.

I like that Claire and Peter don't know. Neither would be able to accept Nathan in Sylar's body, and this way, when Sylar comes out to play, and the truth with him, Nathan hasn't been betrayed in that deep, visceral sense, by everybody he loves, by the very people he uses to define himself.

In regards to Nathan having Sylar's powers, I don't think that'll come into play till Sylar starts fighting back. Matt smacked Nathan with a hell of a whammo, and I seriously think Nathan having this baseline directive to believe that He is Nathan. Sylar is dead, will be a kind of mental block on those extra powers.

I admit it, I'm in it for the awesome of Adrian Pasdar having a good reason for darker motivations. I'm thrilled he's being given a complexly dark, imperfect, possibly dangerous character again. Nathan was like that, once, but never quite as fierce. If the Nathan facade falls and all that's left is Sylar's urges and Nathan's personality... - [personal profile] trinityvixen Here.

That perfectly sums up my excitement about this development. I know a lot of people consider Nathan, as a person, dead and gone now, but I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of organic memory, that it is memories and brain chemistry that makes the person, and the Sylar in Nathan's form, with Nathan's unique neural pathways and synapses, with Nathan's memories, is, to all intents and purposes, Nathan, but with those shifting, dangerous powers of Sylar's underneath, that still remain, no matter how many mental layers there are locking them up.

Loved Tracey. That effect of her body forming from the water was one of the coolest (hah! Pun intended) things I've seen on the show. I like that they seem to be capitalizing on Tracey's inherently greyscale moral compass, which seems to be a product of the same line of compasses as that of Jack Sparrow's.

The Sylar/Claire scene was just as morbid and creepifying as I could have hoped for. I wonder if Sylar's fascination with Claire will start to seep through into Nathan's interactions with her. *shivers* I really like what they've done with Claire, maturing her character away from the naturally self-centred teenage kind of whiney-ness without detracting from her general pig-headed, blunt instrument, let's plunge straight into the danger zone kind of stupid. Which I like. I like that in Claire very much. Loved her walking up to that cannon. You can tell she just loves fucking with people's impressions of her as a blonde cherub.

Noah and Angela were just the hardest badasses in the world, as per usual. Angela's scream, or as AP called it, her wolf roar, that sent shivers down my spine. I think the Sylar/Nathan melding was half her needing Nathan, and half her inflicting the worst punishment she could think of on the man who killed her son, a fate worse than death.

Also, on a purely superficial note: My god, was Peter hot! And we had some rockin' brothertouching! And staring-down-the-face-of-death declarations of love! Petrellis, FTW.
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