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18 July 2008 @ 10:41 pm
FIC: Soldier, Scientist, Live a Lie and Fail to Die.  
Title: Soldier, Scientist, Live a Lie and Fail to Die.

Pairing: Mostly gen with pre-slash Sheppard/McKay

Rating: R

Word Count: ~3000 + links to multimedia (just some companion pictures).

Warning: Torture, violence, swearing, killing.

Notes: Just a concept-fic, a prologue to a ridiculously bigger AU inside my head.

Disclaimer: Stargate: Atlantis, colon and all, does not belong to me.

Summary: Spies AU. Dr. McKay, brilliant military scientist is imprisoned in a top secret military complex. Sheppard, an operative deep undercover at the SGC, is sent to retrieve him.

‘Conspiring with enemies of homeworld security.’ That had been the falsified, confidential accusation.

‘Aiding and abetting terrorists in the creation of weapons of mass destruction.’ That was what the SGC had told officials, in their sealed report.

He never got a trial.

The man was only one among the many nameless... )
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Something like a crossroads song
22 June 2008 @ 03:41 pm
SGA Fic: Machinations in Eternity Minor  
So ... started off as a drabble, as simple, pure procrastination and quickly mutated into a two-horned beast. Experimental language was used to explore Rodney's mindset here, so I'm not sure if it works or comes off terribly.

Title: Machinations in Eternity Minor / (a piece of two parts).
Wordcount: ~ 6000
Summary:Rodney is experimented upon. John is tortured. Or is it the other way around? They both go a little insane, each in their own way.

"And there was – Sheppard – the name exploding into his brain, eyes blown, and drenched in colours, the colours of death and rage and hate, blood both human crimson and alien rot, all black and bulbous purple."

Warnings: Non-graphic dubious consent, enforced drug use, torture.

Part 2 is an outside perspective of the aftermath, and has aspects that tie into the AU universe started in Error, Error: Deviation. However, you don’t need to have read that to understand the second part.

The first part can also be a stand-alone, so skip to the bottom after part one to read the (very short) ‘Coda’ if you wish to read it as such.

Now, story:

He heard the screams before anything else. )
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07 June 2008 @ 05:20 am
Fic: Five Collisions of the Stark Kind  
Title: Five Collisions of the Stark Kind
Summary: Five drabbles crossing Tony Stark into the universes of Supernatural, Stargate SG1, Doctor Who, Stargate: Atlantis and House, M.D.
Pairings: Gen. Maybe vague slashiness. If you're dizzy and have blurred vision. And are slightly-clinically-insanely-impaired-by-fandom. Which is only as it should be.
Rating: PG/13-ish for language.
Characters: Tony Stark, Rhodey, Dean Winchester, Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill, the Doctor, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, House, Cuddy.
Wordcount: All up, ~2000.

1. Supernatural )

2. Stargate SG1 )

3. Doctor Who )

4. Stargate: Atlantis )

5. House M.D )
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02 June 2008 @ 03:09 am
SGA Fic: Error, Error: Deviation  
Title: Error, Error: Deviation
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay, OT4
Rating: M 15+
Summary: John, John Sheppard was screaming silently at them from the screen, blood trailing down his face. Only he was very, very wrong. Rodney saw it straight away, something dark around the eyes, desperation, and more than that, an ice-cold rage that seemed to promise painful punishment for those people on the other end.
Word Count:~ 8 000
Warning: AU!team colliding with the canon team, OT4, Wraith Queen sexual manipulation, slight hints of meta-fic.
Disclaimer: Stargate: Atlantis, characters, colon and all, does not belong to me.

The sirens rang out. )
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11 May 2008 @ 02:20 am
SGA ficlet: Triad  
Title: Triad.

Summary: Short, concept-fic with a slight future/AU feel. How the SGC views the Atlanteans when they come on home visits.

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 380

Notes: Only general spoilers, none for season four as I have not seen it yet, but the assumption that Elizabeth survives in this 'verse.

Characters mentioned by name are: Jack O'Neill, John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir and Rodney McKay.

They are no longer the familiar and comforting creatures of Earth. )
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