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27 July 2010 @ 07:49 pm
Questions and bits and bobs of miscellaneous crazy  
  1. Okay, so I've kind of fallen out of Supernatural fandom a little, and anyone who knows me even a little knows I'm a kind of free-for-all orgy girl when it comes to shipping, so I'm pretty easy going and not at all crazy BUT SHIT JUST GOT REAL:

  2. Also, this: Oh, boys.

  3. While on the Comic-Con stuff, did anybody here about PACEY-CON 2010?!

    "A small group of people were gathered on the lawn a distance from the convention center. They were standing around Joshua Jackson from ‘Fringe’, he was staging his own ‘Pacey-Con’, giving out fan fiction he wrote and getting pictures with the women, all while the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ theme music played on a boom box."

    Yeah, that's right. Joshua Jackson continues his unrivalled reign as most adorable actor on the planet.

  4. Who's watching Being Human? This show ate my heart and then it ate my brain. A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together. Sounds hokey right? That's what I thought. Truth be told, it's amazingly acted, plotted and written. First season is adorable, quirky british soap opera with elements of horror, and second season the darkness takes over, with horror done like it should be, gripping all those warm fuzzies the first season created and slicing them open with a razor blade, and yet it still retains the cute, loving quirkiness around the edges. God, this is good. The seasons are only eight episodes long, so it's wicked fun and fast to power through if you've got a lazy summer.

    If that hasn't convinced you, take a look at this amazing promo shot. (One warning, the original pilot cast was changed, and I would highly recommend starting from the second pilot, because you'll just fall in love with the original vampire and resent the recast for ages before realizing that he's taking the character places that the original really probably couldn't have.)

  5. Have not seen Inception yet. Behold my wrath. I hate the world. Ra ra ra. Link me any reaction posts for when I do?

  6. Who's watching True Blood? Who is absolutely smitten with Franklin Mott, the lovechild, as Jacob said, of Spike and Drusilla? Raise your hands now. \o/

  7. So. I finished my book. Yay? Now all I need to do is ruthlessly edit, find a literary agent willing to take on violent, morally nihilistic and experimental manuscript in these days of fear, madness and the downfall of the publishing business, and y'know, get a publishing deal. Preferably before Christmas.

  8. What was that I said earlier about being an easy-going kind of a girl?


Something like a crossroads song
09 June 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Linkspam + Doctor Who  
So I've always kind of loved Keanu Reeves, a love that has been tempered by the constant Keanu!bashing of the internet. Finally, I am vindicated! Keanu is an awesome guy! Keanu has had a very hard life! Basically, Keanu is awesome! And talented, no matter what people say! Exclamation point!

Keanu Internet Meme:
"I had a few friends working special effects jobs on the Matrix movies, he bought all of them f---ing HARLEYS for Christmas during the shoot for the second one.

One of those guys, Paul, said that Keanu was the most sincere, humble and lovely dude he'd ever met. Said he eschewed contact with the cast in favour of hanging out with the crew, was the only guy the martial arts coaches respected out of the whole cast, and was the bravest man he's ever met."

Salon: Queer Imagery in Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro'.
I loved it. If anyone feels the urge to squee/over-intellectualize with me in the comments, please, act on it. (I'm looking at you Sarah, re: deepthroating a rosary.)

(Also: From here, on entering her dressing room backstage at Berlin:

"With the walls and ceiling draped in black, it resembles a pop-Gothic seraglio. But while scented candles burn churchishly, a gorgeous vintage record player on the floor – surrounded by piles of vinyl – and works of art hung on the wall give it a cheerful air. There is a table, laid with beautiful china. There are flowers, growing in the dark. And at the head of the tea table, among the flowers: Gaga...The effect is one of having been ushered into the presence of a very powerful fairytale queen: possibly one who has recently killed Aslan, on the Stone Table." )


J: Sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?


Could This Be Our Emma Frost?
Rosamund Pike is rumoured to be the forerunner for the part of Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men: First Class, which is about Magneto and Xavier in their youth. Because Emma is one of my favourite characters, I was initially non-plussed by the choice, as I've only ever seen Rosamund Pike play polite, genteel characters such as Jane Bennet and Johnny Depp's wife in The Libertine. However, the choice has grown on me. She's a talented actress, and I have no doubt that Matthew Vaugh, director of Kick-Ass and Layer Cake, would not be looking at her unless she could pull off the verve of Emma Frost. Besides, I'd much prefer her talented ass to the nightmarish idea of a Hollywood Blonde like Katharine Heigl being hired.

New Sons of Anarchy pictures + News
Apparently, there's going to be a Porn!Party scene. I can get down with that. Also, the Sons of Anarchy chapter in Belfast is called 'Sam Bell'. IDK, I just thinks that's awesome. (Warning, lots of spoilers in the link.)


Doctor Who 5.10: Vincent and the Doctor

The way artwork moves our lives, the strange ways a few swashes of colour on canvas can resonate through the years, imprint on our minds in ways we can't even remember, and the strange, quiescent, quivering fury of things we find beautiful for no reasonable reason at all. I like to think this was the heart of Vincent and the Doctor.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I'm working. )
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