Something like a crossroads song
05 July 2008 @ 03:59 pm
God Damn! We just had a near life experience, fellas.  
So I must be some kind of special LJ weird, because I think that this must be my first actual entry on anything close to the bug-eyed real-life monster.

General updates?

1. Am in the special moving hell. Had to break my lease, sending a kind of rollback equilibrium of rage through my realtor, her agency, Elder Sister and her boyfriend (visiting to aid and enable my frantic packing) and my parents, which finally culminated in me frantically creating a semi-teleconference, half-meeting, quasi-strategy plan type of event in the lobby of the real estate agency while my taxi was happily burbling up exorbitant fees right outside, with my plane ready to take off in less than an hour.

Was less than amused. Then may have suffered psychotic break, as, once safely ensconced on the airplane, found the entire episode hilarious. Proceeded to spend the rest of the flight sardonically (yes, sardonically) fighting like toddlers with Elder Sister.

2. Hate that I always seem to be an entire season behind on all my favourite shows. Could be due to my location in the lower of pop-culturally current hemispheres. As yet, have still not seen any Doctor Who S4, Torchwood S2, BSG S4, SGA S4, or Supernatural S3. Yes, I know. I fail at fandom. But I did just get Absolute Sandman Vol. 2, which I am ridiculously excited about.

3. I have, however, only just finished watching Supernatural season 2, and love, love, loved every fracking moment of it. Except for the hints of zombie!sex though. That was just plain freaky. Watching Folsom Prison Blues gave me a huge, rabid plot-bunny that lurks inside the deep dark corner of the un-patrolled Utilities folder inside my hardrive, spinning its cocoons.

See, I really, really want to write a Prisonbreak/SN crossover wherein Dean, post-All Hell Breaks Loose, is on a self-destructive spiral, and allows himself to get captured by the FBI. They send him to max. security for holding while the states battle over extradition so as to ensure that he does not escape again. He gets sent to Fox River State Penitentiary. Already being slightly crazy, he becomes even more so.

4. Little Sister (not Elder Sister, the ravenous toddler with a weak bladder from flight 101) has gone on a school trip to Tanzania, a follow-up to the one that I pioneered so bravely about four years ago. Tanzania, where an Australian man was just shot. I'm not worried. Well, I'm fucking sad about the guy. He was doing brilliant aid work. But it seems like a random tragedy, not a politically-motivated death. On another note, Little Sister wants to buy a child. Not literally, (I think. You never know with that one.) but to sponsor them. I feel strangely proud. Just like the first time she (being a gorgeous, tomboy blonde with short hair) told me she wanted to be a fighter pilot. My thoughts at the time? *I'magonnnahavemeveryownleetleStarbuckYAYAYAAYAY*.Ahem. But that's neither here nor there.

5. Being back in my home from across the continent is odd. I only moved out a few months ago, but already I feel like coming home is like moving into a dream-state. I walk around my house, hear the ocean crashing at night again (and god, how I missed that) and feel like I'm on a holiday that is totally out of wack with time and space. Like I said, odd.
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