Something like a crossroads song
01 April 2010 @ 04:35 am
Gold Guns Girls  
I was reading this post by [personal profile] paperhearts, which is about the issue she takes with the female leads in series such as Castle and The Mentalist. Among her fine points, was this:

These men (who are not law enforcement officers nor have any law enforcement training) step in, and with a little hocus pocus, manage to do the woman's job better than she does. Never mind that neither of these men have gone through a police academy or received formal training, all it takes is writing crime novels or being a fake psychic to slide in and neatly out-perform a woman who has worked her way for years up the ranks. Worse yet, Lisbon and Beckett are made at times to look incompetent, uncreative, unable to think outside of a box.

And I realized, that this was in fact why I hadn't ever given these shows the time of day. I had always passed them over, for no real, conscious reason, even though, on paper, the characters of Castle and Patrick Jane sound like the kind that I just adore having on my television laptop screen.

I think, therefore genderswap meta. )
Something like a crossroads song
04 June 2009 @ 03:00 am
Wow, it must be exam time. Operation Procrastination is at Defcon One.



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The Alec/Eliot comment fic party. You know you want to come and play ...

It's very timely, actually, considering this fascinating meta by [personal profile] facetofcathy on the stastics of the burgeoning Leverage fandom activity, and the surprising lack of Alec Hardison, the One Geek to Rule Us All. (Okay, that last bit was all me.)

My contribution: Snuggling.


Pimping out a new community:

They too have a comment fic meme going on, the theme of which is 4.22: The Day After.

This is mine.
(Spoilery, obviously. Set immediately post-finale to the prompt: You-Know-Who is suddenly right there.)

The [ profile] spn_summergen have gone out, and I'm very happy with mine; I've been hit with an awesome concept, and now all I have to do is pull it off.

If you got my prompts, don't worry about sticking to them exactly, I'm very relaxed, and you can go off on all the tangents you like.



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