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Something like a crossroads song ([personal profile] charlieblue) wrote on March 16th, 2010 at 12:53 am
But I am yet to attain omnipresent supergalactic oneness.
Is everybody in cyber-land coming out to play yet? I can never figure out the wacky time/space continuum of this place.

(For my Dreamwidth peeps, I'm just crossposting now, and I'm about to put up the Sons of Anarchy primer/picspam I posted on LJ a couple of days ago.)

I spent a happy couple of hours yesterday playing around with my profile because I finally discovered that nothing in the world can stop me from filling it up with as many shiny, pretty things as I want.

So, yay?

I made a little picture bar through the centre out of images found at myheart, which I enjoyed thoroughly, so if anybody wants me to throw one together for them around a theme or just using my basic instincts on you (which ... is not as murderous as it sounds), ask away!

Also, I am currently doped up on painkillers, so take advantage of me before I get back into my right mind. Spinny chairs are fun. You know what movie is awesome? Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Forget Citizen Kane, that shit's a masterpiece.

I had a little meta spazz with the wondrous [personal profile] egregiouslypink about Gossip Girl, which I adore, by the way, and so here are some of my thoughts - including spoilers for the latest ep - lifted from her comments and loosely grouped around subject matter and variations of insantiy.

  • As [personal profile] egregiouslypink said, everyone is so themselves that they vibe brilliantly off each other. Permutations and differentials and quadratic equations. Sia's Academia style.

  • So I was thinking about GG and how I've always kind of really enjoyed the Blair/Dan energy they get, and then I realized that I adore the Chuck/Serena energy the same way. It's not that I think they'd be good together or that I ship them, just that I think those team ups inevitably result in world-ending-caliber-diabolical-schemes, even if the team ups are not altogether intended.

  • Basically, Blair/Dan and Chuck/Serena are my hate!sex pairings. Which, it's not really hate sex, but antagonistic fuckery. And there's the whole added level of sibling stuff that kind of fascinates me ever since Supernatural dragged me into the gutter. At least it's only pseudo incest?

  • Intelligence and playacting:

  • My pet theory is that of all the kids, Chuck is the smartest. And I mean scary smart here. He's one of those crazy intelligent kids whose gone the route of manipulation and charades to cover up the isolation all smart kids feel, and I just love it when the facade cracks just enough for the arrogant intelligence to bleed through in his frustration with other people. Like in the latest episode when he snaps at Blair for her fuss over her secret society agenda, and it's not so much the context or what he says, but the way in which he says it, and then reacts, swinging around to fix it by rote, like he's used to covering up those kind of raw outbursts that serve no purpose with the Chuck Show coolness. IDK. Am I making sense here?

    Like, in my head, Blair's probably the next smartest, but she's got this gaping abyss in her that cripples her sense of perspective, hence all the social bullshittery that drives pretty much every plot in the history of the show.

  • They've all got more smarts than they know what to do with in this slick, easy, glittering world that tries to rub off their harsh transgressive edges, but Chuck's the double, the triple and quadruple edged one. Most of them can do the double act, the ironical bullshit in a world where they're constantly monitored, celebrity avatars of themselves in Gossip Girl's microcosmic world, and the triple act of falling back into themselves as they are expected to be by their peers and guardians, and Chucks just pushed the whole thing one step further, making himself a tower of perversion wrapped around a manipulative, loyal bastard that's wrapped around a broken, angry boy trying to free himself from societal rules that bends back into the perversion and all the way back through who he should be and uses that to make himself something that no-one can contest except Blair, and even she can only make out the fuzzy edges of some new creation, some maturing Emperor who is emerging. GOD I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING ANYMORE.

  • About Chuck and Jenny:
  • I really liked the way they played it out, quietly and with an understated respect, with Chuck knowing that he'd crossed a line and offering to get the hell out of the new home, which doesn't seem like a lot - he's a billionaire, can go live in a hotel penthouse, whatever. But then you have to know that this is the family Chuck's been craving, that he loves, that he's already taken Eric under his wing, adores Lily with a reserved, abashed kind of passion, and has the whole faux-incestuous-but-really-endearing-sparkling-wits-sibling-love with Serena, and that he will remove himself from it like a surgeon removing a cancerous tumour for Jenny.

    And I'm not playing at woobify the attempted rapist, I'm just meta'ing on the way the relationship has been handled, and where the show is at right now. If anyone does want to talk about Chuck-as-rapist, and how that's been handled and what his character is now, I'd love to, because I'm still trying to work out my feelings in that regard.

    I think Jacob (TWOP, yes, I ♥ his pontificating, FTW) mentioned once that they could be so great together, plot-wise and in a literary tradtion; the libertine and the liberated woman, and they have had some great devious adventures, so yeah, I would love them to have more screentime together.

  • S & B:
  • This whole series is the tragic love story of S and B, and how they always fall short of a balance between what each of them needs and what each of them gets. Because S has everything, she can never complain, never be less than The Blonde because then she, in her mind in the eyes of the world, would be nothing, and Blair claws her way up and can never have enough because she was never born to this and working at it makes her less than she should be, cripples her in the same way having everything handed to her cripples Serena.

  • N & S:
  • Nate and Serena stumbling out of that ambassador's party, drunk on each other's flamboyance and literally too pretty for reality or time and space to encumber them in any way was sheer happiness, right there. They're just so happy together when no-one's filling their heads with baggage and bullshit.

  • I just love that Nate and Serena never let their plans interfere with what actually happens. They just blow through and trust their own momentum, that they will come through whole and brilliant and their sparkly, sparkly selves. Everything will never be not awesome. Ahahaha, so much yes. Sweet, thoughtless purebreds. Apparently in the books Serena is just this beautiful monster who wrecks lives without even realizing, and their are echoes of that in the hurricane-thoughtlessness, but she's never so oblivious to the pain of other's in the show. That's like, her entire being. Making everything awesome. And Nate, after all, is the peace, love, prostitution and pot guru of the Upper East Side.

    (And Eric is their mascot.)

    Together, their hair is truly epic. Ah, the sweeping, untold romance of the follicles of N & S. I think they'll fizzle out, but I hope the writing holds strong enough to fully exploit their hurricane attitudes, that they'll both go on a no-holds-barred rampage through the city and come out like nuzzling, platonic pegasi after all the flames.

    They're just too pretty smiling together to stay angry at each other.

  • Apocalyptic AU tomfoolery:
  • See, now I just want post-apocalyptic fic where Blair runs an underground empire with head-bound minions and Chuck is a dastardly bastard who withholds supplies from the needy to make sure somebody survives and S is an amazon warrior, Dan is the self-appointed chronicler who pisses everyone off by narrating out loud in third person, Jenny does the practical shit that everything would fall apart without, and Nate keeps the morale up by being the local toyboy of Armageddon. And Vanessa grows an organic vegetable patch and cackles to herself periodically about the evil capitalist society getting what it so richly deserves. People tend to avoid her.

  • To which [personal profile] egregiouslypinkbrilliantly contributed:

    ("Daniel Humphrey, I swear to God if I hear one more off-Broadway overly earnest monologue about the pain and agony of this new, damaged world I will burn every scrap of paper we own."

    "...You could have just said 'stop'. For the record.")

  • You know what would be awesome about post-apocalytpic GG fic? If the thing was written as Dan's prophetic text.

    [6 Months P.E.N.D.E (Post-Eschatological-Non-Demoninational-Event)]

    The world is quiet now, the wind whistles through the dank, empty streets and broken windows stare out like the eyes of a heroin-addicted model with no more crack, no more fashion, no more luxury, no world to idolize her skeletal frames and functions except the oncoming storm.

    BTW, Humphrey, we found fifty pounds of heroin in the basement. Your metaphor is invalid.

    The old princess of that pinnacle of Western Imperialism, the Upper East Side struggled now with the reality of what she faces, resorting to old high school grudges and petty bullying to make it through -

    Seriously, Humphrey? You would be a pile of rotting flesh in mixed blend polyester in Brooklyn by now if I hadn't taken you -


  • Georgina:
  • Randomly, I adore Georgina. Georgina is love, and that's what this show is about. Everyone who loves each other too much to let themselves love without all the bullshit, to love without competitions of love, exaggerations and downgrading and games and foreplay and spies and powerplays. Except Georgina, who loves what she loves. Obsessively and openly.

  • Sparks, oh, Sparks. Is it bad that thing I want most is to trace her relationship with Chuck from when he lost his virginity to her all the way up to the apocalypse when she shows up with a caravan of machine-gun equipped dune buggies and a flamethrower strapped across her back to rescue Serena from the riots of New York and runs into Chuck's mercenary army and is taken to their leader in chains?

Also, for all those crazy kids on my flist who are into Sons of Anarchy, here's the rockin' theme song:

This Life - Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers
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