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Skins mix: Deadweight On Velveteen
mix: Skins - Tony & Effy.

U.R.A. Fever – The Kills
We are a fever
We ain't born typical.

Strict Machine (We Are Glitter mix) – Goldfrapp
I'm dressed in white noise
You know just what I want

Partie Traumatic – Black Kids
This jungle is massive, so please don't be so passive,
Be aggressive, impress us.

These Things – She Wants Revenge
Let's make a fast plan, watch it burn to the ground.

I’m In Love With Your Rock and Roll – Kish Mauve
Take my heart, take all my soul
No One Does it Like You – Department of Eagles
Out in the morning come
You don't need to ask an alibi

True Believer - Dragonette
I don't play well with the other kids,
they know that I'm dangerous;
it's evident I'm different.

Something Wrong – Bang Gang
I can’t cry anymore
Can you heal what went wrong?

Climbing Up The Walls - Radiohead
And if you get too far inside
You'll only see my reflection

Cure from ‘Cabin by the Lake’ – Wild Colonials
Don’t you want somebody to lean on?
Don’t you need somebody to claim?

Ghouls – We Are Scientists
This happens all the time; it's kind of our routine
But we all recognise that I'm the problem here.

Pa Pa Power
We won't destroy you, no we will not destroy you.

Take Me To The Riot - Stars
Slick girls and sick boys and each one lining up to take it home
They hold tight their coin and pray no one has to see the fall

Four Degrees – Paradise Motel
Ain’t nothing gonna harm me in my golden years.
Every day I search for shrapnel in my flesh.

Gold Guns Girls (Acoustic) - Metric
All the toys and the tools in the box, couldn't get you off.
All the noise, all the voices never stop

Wrapped Around Your Finger (Live Police Cover) – Toris Amos & Bjork
You consider me the young apprentice
Caught between the scylla and charybidis
Hypnotized by you if I should linger

Genius Next Door – Regina Spektor
atheists were praying full of sarcasm
and the genius next door was sleeping
dreaming that the antidote was orgasm

Deadweight on Velveteen – José González
Vulgar when brought to light, vulgar the lie

Wonderwall (cover) – Ryan Adams
Backbeat the word is on the street
That the fire in your heart is out

Start a War – The National
We were always weird but I never had to
hold you by the edges like I do now

Hurt – Johnny Cash
Everyone I know goes away in the end;
and you could have it all, my empire of dirt.

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live at Reading) - Nirvana
I feel stupid and contagious,
Here we are now, entertain us.


(Bonus: Mama Told Me Not To Come – Tom Jones & The Stereophonics)


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This is a very long fanmix. Originally I wanted to break it down into a series of micro-mixes inside the same post, but that strategy was cut short by my laptop's recalcitrance on the issue of uploading any kind of .zip file.

The mix is broken up into alternate sections, but they are meant to be listened to as one, long mix, though they work just as well in individual packages.

What I was trying to find was music that could capture the essence of both the hard-partying, glittering, decaying, earth-shattering personalities of Tony and Effy, as well as the sadder, more monstrous element of the mental breakdown they both suffered, the careless cruelty of their manner of treating others, the strange, near-sociopathic love they carry for each other through it all, and, finally, the bewildered, scarily intelligent kid underneath it all.

I wanted songs that could be Effy to Tony, Tony to Effy, apply to both at the same time or be an outside point of view, or be their view from the inside out.

No wonder the mix turned out so long.

I went looking for songs that I haven't really seen around in mixes, so there are a couple of gorgeous covers, a remix and the Live at Reading version of Smells Like Teen Spirit, which is absolutely amazing, and gives me the freedom of using a song I think is perfect for Tony and Effy, without worrying that it might be too overdone or obvious. I like giving people new music, so while the whole issue might seem silly, it makes me happy.

Partie Traumatic is the ultimate Stonem party song. Just a little satanic? Oh, yes. These Things is just harsh and desperate and dark, while Cure and Ghouls beg and grate on the soul. Four Degrees is this dramatic, amazing song that is probably my favourite of all these songs, and that I can never find the lyrics too, so the ones I have were by naked ear. The acoustic version of Gold Guns Girls has this kind of beautiful, inevitable melancholy to it, and I love it even more than the usual Black Session version because of this. It's all about those people who are ravening appetites with big gaping holes below it all. The Wrapped Around Your Finger cover is Tori Amos and Bjork at their ethereal best, and the lyrics themselves are so exploitative and mesmerizing, listening to it is like enveloping yourself in a haunted house. Genius Next Door, of course, because both Effy and Tony have that fairytale-esque Peter Pan quality, and their high level of intelligence is well backed up in canon. It's also kind of how I see Tony at university, in his quiet, deep night moments of solitude. Start a War is just sheer abandonment issues. Especially after Freddie, Tony is the only person Effy really loves and has in the world.

All the songs, to me, have a kind of otherworldly quality to them; nightmarish, sparkling, dreamy, overstated and describing the edges of a world just that little bit more fantastical and outrageous than our own. Which, really, is what Skins - and the Stonem siblings in particular - are all about.

I hope you enjoy it.
Comments are love.

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